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An Open Letter to Governor Ron DeSantis

Media Contact: Barbara Petersen


This letter is in response to the ad hominem attacks by your press secretary, Christina Pushaw, on Associated Press reporter Brendan Farrington, regarding his article on your program to provide monoclonal antibody treatments to those infected with Covid-19.

I have read Ms. Pushaw’s defense of her social media tirade and note that she – and you – disagree with the AP story as reported. There are many appropriate ways in which to respond to a news report you dispute. To start, demand a correction or even a retraction. However, for Pushaw to lob incendiary and harassing tweets against a journalist because she disputes the facts as reported is as unprofessional as it is immature.

Pushaw has deleted her most threatening tweet – “Drag Them” – but only after Mr. Farrington received death threats in response. And rather than take appropriate disciplinary action, Governor, you have doubled down, defending Ms. Pushaw’s outrageous and dangerous behavior.

Your response reflects, at best, a lack of understanding of the critical role the media plays in our society. At worst, it shows a total disregard for the importance of a robust and free press in a democracy such as ours.

Floridians deserve better, Governor, both from you and those who represent you.

Barbara A. Petersen, Executive Director

Florida Center for Government Accountability