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‘Impossible to hold him accountable’: DeSantis signs laws to ease 2024 run

The Guardian

Ron DeSantis is using the final weeks before he reportedly launches a presidential campaign to modify Florida law to allow him to run while serving as governor and reduce transparency over political spending and his travel.

DeSantis is poised to sign a bill that would exempt him from Florida’s “resign-to-run” law, so that he won’t have to give up his office in order to run for president. Under existing state law, if he were to run, DeSantis would have had to submit a resignation letter before Florida’s qualifying deadline this year and step down by inauguration day in 2025. Last month, Republicans in the state legislature passed a measure that says the restriction does not apply to those running for president or vice-president.

The bill also imposes sweeping new voting restrictions in the state and will make it much harder for non-profits to do voter registration drives.

…“It’s un-fricking-believable,” Petersen said. “It will be virtually impossible to hold this governor accountable without access to those kinds of records.”

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