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Lawsuit accuses New College and Trustee Christopher Rufo of violating public records law

Sarasota Herald-Tribune  by  Zac Anderson

A nonprofit group focused on government accountability is alleging in a lawsuit filed Tuesday that New College of Florida and new trustee Christoper Rufo have withheld public records in violation of state law.

Sarasota attorney Andrea Mogensen filed the lawsuit in the 12th Judicial Circuit on behalf of the Florida Center for Government Accountability, which requested text messages and logs of all texts and phone calls made by Rufo between Jan. 6, when Gov. Ron DeSantis appointed him to the New College board, and Jan. 23.

The Florida Center for Government Accountability made the records request on Jan. 23. New College acknowledged receipt of the request on Feb. 1 but has yet to provide the public records, according to the complaint.

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