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‘Un-fricking-believable’: Watchdogs alarmed by DeSantis moves to prepare for White House campaign

Raw Story by Travis Gettys

Ron DeSantis is clearing a path to the presidency by altering Florida law to allow him to campaign for the White House while remaining governor and to help shield his political spending and travel.

The Republican state legislature passed a new bill that would exempt DeSantis from a law requiring him to resign before running for president, along with a slate of sweeping new voting restrictions, and he has already signed a bill that exempts all of his past and future travel from disclosure, as well as the names of people he meets, reported The Guardian.

“It’s un-fricking-believable,” said Barbara Petersen, executive director of the Florida Center for Government Accountability. “It will be virtually impossible to hold this governor accountable without access to those kinds of records.”

Peterson said the security concerns the bill purportedly addresses are “bogus.”

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