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Florida ethics bill will protect wrongdoing officials, keep public in the dark 

The rural lawmakers who once misruled Florida’s Legislature are remembered for how stoutly they resisted a new constitution, desegregation, lobbyist disclosure and fair representation.  But …

A white man with a microphone during a hearing.

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Police oversight ban plan is just another Tallahassee power play on the people

Florida’s politicians love the cops and the cops love them back. The tokens of their affection are endorsements, campaign contributions and votes.  Sometimes, though, the …

DeSantis standing in front of planes.

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With 18 new public records exemptions enacted, DeSantis is flying Florida into the dark

The governor said it wasn’t his bill, but he was plainly happy to sign it. Not long after a few strokes of his pen, he …

Gov. Ron DeSantis, shown posing as a fighter pilot in a campaign ad, wants his real-life jet travel shielded from public view.

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Bill to hide governor’s travel takes Florida down dark road

Legislators who can’t seem to ever say no to Gov. Ron DeSantis are about to repeal the people’s right to know where he’s been traveling …

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After surviving eight previous governors, open government in Florida is endangered by DeSantis

The best laws are only as good as the motives of those who are supposed to uphold them. Florida’s once-proud “Government in the Sunshine,” having …

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State lawmakers pushing government secrecy bills in Tallahassee

There’s a Florida state agency whose mistakes are buried in child-size coffins. If some legislators have their way, the reasons might stay buried too. We’re …

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Police transparency is at stake in Supreme Court showdown over Marsy’s Law

Two new clouds are casting shade over the Sunshine State. It’s not the beaches and golf courses that are darkening; rather, Florida’s historic commitment to …